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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


How to verify your product's authenticity?

All authentic Med-Tech Solutions products have various security indicators that you may check

Please post a message on our forum including a picture and details of product reseller if you would like us to verify authenticity.



There has been a number of recent reportings of fake / counterfeit Med-Tech Solution products on the market. Predominately in Europe and South-East Asia.

To counter this and to help protect our good brand, we released a new verification system in November 2015 (for new stock oils) and December 2015 (for new stock tablets) to allow you to verify a scratched off serial number here:

This serial number is unique and the system will track how many times the code has been verified to prevent fraudulent reproduction of the same code over and over.

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You should note however, we are only able to guarantee authenticity for products directly sent through our own website. We cannot assure validity of products that have passed through 3rd party hands.

In addition,

** fakes are missing the security features on vials and using cheap printed labels
** fake tablets are usually chalky white
** fake tablets usually have a plastic seal at the mouth of the bottle

The new version introduced in 2015 has the following packaging: